About Us

We process every stage of it carefully...

ESKA Floor, which has been actively serving for generations, appeals to everyone in need in the parquet industry and offers professional products to its customers. ESKA Floor sells marquetry, engineered wood, chevron and herringbone parquet. The company creates different marquetry designs by combining products such as marble and brass with parquet with an innovative and expert approach. In this sense, ESKA Floor offers its customers a wide and unique product range. It blends years of experience with its technical knowledge and offers you the best products with the highest quality. As one of the first representatives of marquetry flooring in Turkey, it shapes its products by keeping up with the innovations, developments and trends around the world. ESKA Floor aims to make its customers' dreams come true in the highest quality with the motto of "You dream it, we'll do it". The company, which actively serves in Turkey, also delivers ESKA Floor products to different parts of the world.

ESKA Floor, a company that adapts to the developments in Turkey and around the world easily and quickly, provides its customers with a wide range of services and offers them the highest quality service with its innovative and dynamic attitude.

Our Misson

ESKA Floor, which responds to the expectations of the customers in the best way, provides the highest quality service both at home and abroad with unique designs and materials.

Our Vision

To produce high-quality and customer satisfaction-creating parquet with an innovative and expert approach in accordance with world standards in the field of marquetry and laminated parquet; to be accessible all over the world by creating a reputable brand both at home and abroad.