What is Enginereed Wood

    Eska Floor Enginereed Wood flooring consists of two layers. The bottom layer consists of plywood. The fact that the lower layer is plywood is important in terms of high strength of the Enginereed Wood parquet, suitable for underfloor heating, and increasing efficiency in terms of heat and sound insulation. The upper layer consists of wooden buff. The thickness of the top layer of the Enginereed Wood parquet is important for the long-term use of the parquet, if needed, the Enginereed Wood parquet can be used for a long time by applying scraper-polish many times. Enginereed Wood parquets are made entirely of natural wood. Trees produced for industrial purposes are made resistant to heat and some moisture by going through certain processes, then Enginereed Wood parquet is produced by pressing the plywood and papel. No unhealthy chemicals or applications are used, including the organic glue used at this stage and the varnishes used to color the Enginereed Wood flooring. For this reason, Enginereed Wood parquet is extremely healthy and does not contain any carcinogenic substances and is suitable for use in all kinds of interior spaces. At the same time, more efficiency is achieved in matters such as heat and sound protection with Enginereed Wood parquet. In addition to all these, since it is formed as a result of the processing of natural wood, different patterns appear in all Enginereed Wood parquets. As Eska Floor, we offer you our long-lasting Enginereed Wood flooring with a wide range of colors that are stylish and suitable for every environment, bearing unique traces of nature