Marküteri Parquet

    The answer to the question of what is the marquetry parquet used in our country comes from the marquetry art. This art is the art of carving made with the natural colors of the trees, without using paint, by cutting and placing wooden veneers in different colors.

    What is Marküteri Parquet?

    Marquetry parquet is the materials in the form of tiles, medallions, borders, which are made by embroidering various geometric patterns or floral motifs with massive parquet or solid papel, which are obtained at the end of the special design, by adhering to the traditions of valuable art in general. Designs are cut with laser cutting machines and created by bringing them together thanks to the latest technology. Marküteri parquet, which has become popular today, has a stylish appearance with its visuality. With the marquetry parquet, the floors turn into a work of art.

    What is Marküteri Parquet Raw Material?

    The raw material of the generally prepared marquetry parquet is obtained from some trees such as Maple, Mahogany, Oak, Walnut and Ash. It depends on the models to be made, and with the use of some materials such as marble or ivory, a design-based appearance is provided in the space. These marquetry parquets are known to have a history dating back to Ancient Egypt. It is said that in the Cleopatra Palace, those who perform their art as well as their craftsmanship competed with each other. In addition, it became quite common in 17th century France. This product, which is used all over the world, has increased its popularity with the paintings or furniture in the Louvre and Versailles in Paris.

    What Are The Usage Areas Of Marküteri Parquet?

    The usage areas of this product used all over the world are as follows. Due to the fact that it adds a rich appearance to the place where it is applied, through architects or interior architects; It is highly preferred in areas that fall into private or luxury categories such as large hotels, public buildings, royal apartments, specially designed houses designed by the architect. In addition, the marquetry parquet model, which comes into our lives for more decorative purposes, is also used to add dimension to the space. In the areas where it is applied today, it gives a different decorative dimension and a rich appearance with the pattern made on the center or the edges of the room. For this reason, it is a frequently preferred option by architects.